mediumtrip asked
ratkean naurusta ja ehdotan sivublogin perustamista SUPERBADASS VÄINÄMÖISELLE


tiikerikani asked
But erm, isn't Kalevala Day 28 February? Yesterday was UN Day.

haha my last post was a passive-aggressive push for submissions on 28 February… that’s how long it’s been since I updated this blog. whoooops!

and when you DO read your entire Kalevala today (as I know you all will), you know. submit.

aennajp asked
hey,could you do the meme saying while Lemminkainen is skiing while hunting elk and fire is sparkling under skis ? :D

done! :-*



The Kalevala (According To Scott Sandwich)

So, Kalevala, explained in about eight minutes, in English. Well worth a listen.

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